Carob Powder | Wholesale Carob | The Australian Carob Co.

Carobs grow on a carob tree and hang from the branches of the tree in bunches. From the point of flowering, It takes 11 months for the carobs pods to mature on the tree ready for harvesting.

We know you expect the best and that is why we are very conscious about quality and cleanliness.

Every carob pod is washed in rain water so it’s nice and clean and processed with love and care.

Due to us planting and caring for every tree, it’s a real delight to see them happily producing pods which we preciously care for from the paddock to the pack.

Yes we are 100% Certified Organic and Non GMO Certified.

No. The sweetness is 100% natural due to the varieties of carobs we have planted.

We do not add any additives, colours or preservatives to our products.

We love our carob trees and give every carob pod the best quality care possible, to taste great and to be appreciated when consumed like it deserves.