7 Baked Carob Treats for the Holidays

Anything sweet is just the thing for holiday entertaining.

The season’s spirit is in full swing and it is the most opportune time to serve decadent yet naturally sweet baked carob treats. After all, the gift of health is the best present we can offer to our friends and loved ones. Inspired by this and to celebrate the launch of our Blog, we have rounded up our favorite share-worthy recipes to make your holiday celebration more festive! Cakes, breads and sweet treats make beautiful centerpieces for any special occasion and it’s that time of the year when we see them take the spotlight on every table. You and your family will surely love these super easy, crowd-pleasing treats!

Carob Ogura Cake

How does ogura cake differ from regular cake? One would ask. The best way to describe Ogura cake is to think of a light fluffy chiffon cake. A basic cake is more dense and does not rise as much. So what’s better than an ogura cake? A carob ogura cake, that is. Click here for the recipe.

Ogura Cake Using Australian Carobs

Carob Cake With Carob Icing

Delectable, moist and easy to bake carob cake using roasted carob powder. It is a guilt-free and healthy carob dessert treat that you can enjoy with family and friends. RECIPE.

Carob Cake with Carob Icing using Australian Carobs

Carob Sponge Cake

A classic easy-to-whip-up cake, just add your choice of filling then mixed in berries, nuts and seeds for that extra fruit and nut taste. RECIPE.

Carob Sponge Cake

Vegan Carob Banana Bread

To make quick breads, chances are, you already have all the ingredients in your pantry such as this quick and tasty vegan favorite. This vegan carob banana bread makes a delicious breakfast. It will be even more appreciated if served with tea or coffee. RECIPE.

Vegan Carob Banana Bread

Blueberry and Carob Muffin

Muffins are showstoppers at any event, especially around December. For this year, we suggest adorning your dessert table with blueberry and carob muffins. If shredded coconut doesn’t work for you, top your carob muffins with your choice of nuts and seeds to make them extra Instagram-worthy! 😉

Blueberry and Carob Muffin Recipe - The Australian Carob Co.

Carob Cookie

Nothing beats homemade goodness around holiday season! Here is an easy-to-gift carob cookie recipe to pass around.

Carob Cookie Recipe

Cranberry and Carob Muesli Bars

Cranberries add a splash of color and holiday flavor to any snack bar. Mix in some carob sweetness and it becomes a much-loved treat! RECIPE.

Cranberry and Carob Muesli Bar Recipe

If your schedule is overloaded and you can’t find time to bake, check out our Recipes page for no-baked carob dessert ideas.