Carob Powder and Carob Buttons from Australia.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

with 100% Australian organic carob.

Great Health Benefits

World’s Best
Tasting Carob

Carob is a healthy alternative for most snack foods, suitable for those who are looking for a snack that doesn’t contain additives or contamination, or for those who love sweets and are seeking a chocolate-like flavor in their dessert.

It is a very superior product and I have great confidence in recommending it to all chefs and home cooks alike

TIPPY HENG | The Orient Express Eatery Byron Bay

Organic Carob Products

& Supplier

There is only one way to be non-contaminated, nut-free & gluten-free and that is by growing, harvesting, processing and filling/packing all carob products on our farm and having all machinery that is 100% dedicated just for our product line.

Australian Premium Quality

Sweetest Carob

Carob powder raw

Carob Powder Raw

Dried naturally without processed heat, giving it a pure taste.

Carob powder roasted

Carob Powder Roasted

This carob powder is milled very fine. It has a unique taste.

Organic Carob kibble nibbles

Carob Kibble Nibbles

Can be consumed as a healthy snack food.

Carob syrup

Carob Syrup

Great to use on breakfast cereals as an alternative to sugar.

The Australian Carob Products
Available in these Countries

USA & Canada
Carobou Co.
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France/ Europe
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United Unique Creations
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Forever Young Enterprise Singapore Pte Ltd.
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Hon Takasagoya Co.,Ltd
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Business Opportunities

Become A Retailer

  • Offer your customers the best quality carob in the world.
  • Grow your carob sales with stocking the worlds best tasting carob.
  • Every shop should offer quality carob products.
  • Repeat sales are the best sales.

The Australian Carob Co is always looking for distributors and stockists throughout the world to supply our carob to their market, area and customers. We would love to hear from you about your interest in supplying our carob in your country.

Custom & OEM Products

Offering carob to suit your manufacturing requirements.

Wholesale Discount Program

We offer manufacturers bulk order discounts.

with a Dream

What if we were to plant just sweet tasting varieties to achieve a top quality, premium carob product?

In 2000, The Jolley’s follow their dream and took a risk and purchased a 76-acre block of land in Booborowie, near Burra, South Australia, ordered grafted carob trees of the sweetest variety, and started planting.


Cooking & Baking with Carob

Carob is delicious to use in such recipes as cakes, cookies, candy, pudding, icing, bread, beverages, shakes, ice cream, muffins, fudge, brownies or as a topping, anything like a chocolate does!